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   November 2019 - Push Notification settings are now visible on the Listing Worksheet

When you or your sellers are using the ShowingTime or My Home app, the ability to receive a push notification is enabled. Push Notifications are messages that pop up on a mobile device. Because they can be sent at any time; users don't have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them. All users of the ShowingTime Mobile App have the option to use this notification method and the options to set it up are located within your profile.


   October 2019 - Separate Feedback and Showing Notifications

You've asked for the ability to send your owners feedback without having to enable them for confirmation emails and we delivered. Owners can now be notified of published feedback by email or push notification directly in the My Home by ShowingTime app or website.

You can still enable them for the ability to confirm showings, notifications of confirmations, or just notifications that a showing is scheduled.

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   September 2019 - Splitting Calls and Merging Products

Centralized Showing Service Joins ShowingTime

With CSS joining ShowingTime it means agents, teams, brokers, offices, associations and MLSs will have access to the most powerful showing management and market stats technologies and expert resources available in the residential real estate industry today. The result? An even more seamless experience for real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada, as well as for their buyers and sellers.

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Coming Soon: Receive Notifications by Phone for Declined or Cancelled Appointments Only

Now you can choose to receive automated phone call notifications for certain showing appointment statuses instead of in all instances as before (confirmed, declined and cancelled showings). For those that only want to be notified by phone when a showing has been declined or cancelled, ShowingTime is introducing new settings on the desktop and your mobile device. You can still set electronic notifications to be delivered via email, text or push notification if you wish not to get the automated call. And, you can configure this setting on your mobile device.

We will let you know when this goes live in your area!

May 2019 - New Sidebar, Buyers, and more...

My Home by ShowingTime Now with Tour Info for Buyers

Our research has shown that 8/10 clients who are selling their home are buying their new home with the same agent. My Home by ShowingTime provides buyers with a view of their upcoming tour. This includes the appointment status, date/time of the appointment, driving directions, and a simple way to connect with their agent only.

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As a reminder, adding details about your buyer to a showing is an optional feature and ShowingTime never shares this information with anyone else. An agent’s client is private to that agent only.

Never Miss A Showing with Overnight Notifications

You have the option to receive text messages and push notifications 24/7 or between the hours 8am-8pm local time.
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Select Your Linked Profile’s Primary MLS

Choosing your Primary MLS will determine which set of contact information to display in your ShowingTime email signatures as well as determine which set of default notification preferences to use.

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Refreshed Look to the Side Menu

Though the menu looks brand new, most changes are cosmetic, with just a few updates to the navigation.


October 2018 - ShowingTime Secure Access & Access Information

  • Secure access granted to the showing agent during a limited time window on the date/time of the confirmed appointment
  • A full account of lockbox activity within your Listing Activity Report (LAR)

How do I configure my listings for secure access?

More integrations coming soon

June 2018 - Unified Message Center

All your messages in one place

Ever needed to chat with a listing agent of an appointment from a few weeks ago and don't want to go through your list to remember the listing? Now with the unified message center, you can see all of your messages at a glance. You can still access your messages from directly in the appointment but you can also use the unified message center. Over time, we will be introducing more messaging features to the center. Stay tuned!

November 2017 - Agent Accompanied Showings

In some markets, the ability for the listing agent to accompany the showing agent will exist. In these markets, the listing agent can choose to confirm or deny a request before an owner or occupant is made aware of it.

The setting reads "Is this an agent accompanied showing?"
Here are some other interesting features:
  • The listing agent can choose to allow the contact to be first in line to approve these requests or to wait until the agent is sure the showing will fit into their schedule.
  • The switch will appear for both Single and Multifamily listings.
  • Both the approval by the listing agent and the owner will be tracked
  • If the listing agent denies the request, the seller or occupant will not be notified
  • While sellers or occupants are required for accompanied showings, the order of the calls is clearly identified on the listing worksheet.

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