Adding Buyers


You can include your buyer's names when scheduling appointments or tours so that you can quickly locate those listings to review when needed. The second showing of a property in a different order than before can change opinions. And being able to connect all the listings with the buyers, can help you and your office discover trends that can lead to more sales.

A new client contact can be added as easily as typing their first and last name, but we recommend that you enter the other details, to prevent confusion later. The email address, phone number, and any additional notes can be useful for future contact. Buyers can be added to appointments, when using ShowingCart or when scheduling an appointment on the desktop or your mobile device.


You’re in total control of your clients’ information. In some markets, you may see an option to share your buyer's name with the listing agent per appointment. In most markets it is optional and if you choose to do so only their name is shared. Their email and phone number are always private to you and your team.

See additional FAQ's for Buyers

Adding Buyer Details - Desktop

Step 1

Locate the 'Buyers' or 'My Clients' section in your product.

Step 2

Click the Add New Buyer button.

The following screen will appear:

  • Add the buyers' first and last name.
  • Add a phone number and/or email address. You can also add notes.
  • Save your Buyer.

Once saved this information will be available for you to use on any of your devices while scheduling.

From ShowingCart

You can choose from an existing buyer or add a new one when setting up a tour. Once you login to your Multiple Listing Service, and access ShowingTime, you can choose Showings from the menu on the left and then the ShowingCart option. Beneath the Tour Date field, you can select a buyer by clicking in the box, or add one by using the Add New button.

The tour description will automatically become the buyer's name you entered or selected.

You can also update this information.

While Scheduling a Single Showing

You can choose from an existing buyer or add a new one when scheduling an appointment. Once you access ShowingTime from your Multiple Listing Service, you can choose Showings from the menu on the left and the Make New Request option. After you have selected your listing you should enter the type of the appointment and the time you think the appointment will be over. You can then enter the name of your new buyer or choose from the list of buyers you have already entered.

Note: The buyer’s details are only available to you as an agent. We do not share this information with anyone by default*.

*In some markets you may have an option to elect to share the buyer's name with the listing office. Some markets may even require this information to be shared.

Adding Buyer Details - Mobile

Buyer information is automatically tracked for you in ShowingTime when you add a buyer to your showing request. Below are the steps to add your buyer to the system on either mobile or desktop, as well as how to access the logs.

Add a Buyer

  1. Select Schedule a Showing then search for the property you would like to show.
  2. When requesting the appointment through the ShowingTime app, the next screen asks you to add your buyer. If you have never added the buyer before, select New Buyer (on desktop, you pick your appointment time first, then add the buyer).
  3. When adding your buyer, make sure to include their name, email address and phone number. In the Notes section, we recommend adding the buyer’s current address, as that is required information for your log.
  4. Fill out additional showing details and request the appointment.

Access the Log

  1. Tap on Contacts in the ShowingTime app menu, you will find Buyers and Sellers (on desktop they are combined under My Clients).
  2. Here you can access all your buyers, their contact details, notes and past activities.
  3. Select View Past Activities to open all the buyer’s upcoming and past showing activity.
If you forgot to add your buyer to the showing request, that is not a problem, you can add them afterward as well.

Note: The buyer’s details are only available to you as an agent. We do not share this information with the co-op agent or anyone else. 

You can review and update your Buyer Activity at any time.

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