Agents often need specific disclosures signed before potential buyers can see a listing. Sometimes agents want to show off the floor plan of a property or attach additional photos. This is a tedious process. You have to find the showing agents email address, then you have to find the documents or photos that you want to provide the agent, and then you have to send the email. 

ShowingTime has automated this process by allowing agents to attach those documents or photos to a listing. When an agent schedules on your listing they will automatically be emailed those documents.

Getting Started

You can attach multiple documents if needed. Attached documents must be in .PDF .JPG .GIF or .PNG (10MB max per file)
  1. Select My Listings from the side menu
  2. Find the listing that you would like to attach a disclosure, document or photo to
  3. On the left-hand side of the listing worksheet, underneath your listing's photo, select Attachments
  4. Select Add / Remove
  5. Select Choose File
  6. Navigate through your desktop to find the exact file you are wanting to attach
  7. Attached documents will be uploaded once selected **
  8. When finished click Done

Removing Documents: In order to remove a document that has been attached, click on the X next to the document after selecting Add / Remove

Manually Sending a Document

  1. Select Send In Email
  2. Enter the agent email address that you are trying to send the attachments to
  3. Edit the Subject and Message fields if needed
  4. All attachments with a checkmark next to them will be sent out in this email
  5. Click on Send
Note: All attachments sent to the showing agent via this method will be sent on your behalf. (as a Listing Agent)

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