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Merge FAQ's

In some markets, you may be able to manually add a listing. This is handy when you are eager to allow showings right away. However, there are a couple of things to remember.

You may have to merge the listing later on

If the listing is populated from your board or association later, you will have two copies in ShowingTime. As long as you use the same Listing ID that is in your multiple listing service, it will automatically update the information in ShowingTime when available. Read more

You may be able to click a link in your vendor to manually insert the listing into ShowingTime. You may need to add new information to the listing manually if this is done.

You may have to manually add information

Once a listing is in ShowingTime, updates to some of the fields in your board/vendor will not overwrite data in ShowingTime. Information like access details, instructions, and driving directions will not be overwritten. If you change this information with your board, you will need to change it in ShowingTime.

You will need to review the information

When a listing is merged, you have the option to select the data you want to display. You can pick the address of one copy of the listing and the instructions of the other. We recommend that once you complete the merge in ShowingTime, you review the listing.

When a listing is manually entered, you are responsible for making sure that the data is up-to-date. In those cases, where you have the same listing id, and we have access, we can pull down data from your board. However, you may want to add new information such as an appointment rule or even change the showing instructions.

You may have two copies of a listing that you do not want to merge, such as a listing for rent and sale. You are not required to merge any listing.

You can unmerge a listing

If you unmerge the listing, you will need to review both listings and decide what to do next. You may choose to archive one or keep both in the inventory. You will then need to look over the Access Information, Showing Instructions, Appointment Rules, and Contact Details to verify everything is correct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ShowingTime Automatically Merge My Listings?

We pull information from the MLS, Board, or Association you are a part of. If there are two copies of the listing available, we pull them both. In the event you have added a listing manually and used the same listing id as a listing, we will update some of the data automatically.
Not all fields will be overwritten.

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How Often Do You Get Data?

It depends on your board, association, or MLS, but it can be as short as every 15 minutes. In some cases, it may be more than a few hours.

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After I Merge my Listing, What Happens to the Activity?

The activity from the merged listings now appears in a single place. All of the settings, instructions, and rules can also be configured in one place.

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