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How do I set up my multi-unit listing?

Multi-family homes can be set up on the Listing Worksheet. Units can represent an apartment or dwelling that is a part of the overall listing but may have different occupants. 

Step 1

Add the units. Each unit can have its own appointment types, contacts, and restrictions. A listing may not be occupied and be a candidate for showings at any time. Or specific tenants may need to know in advance before a showing can be requested. 

Step 2

Set the Main Listing's Appointment type. The main listing will only have the choice of the two appointment types below.
  • All Units Acknowledged - Appointment requests will be confirmed when all units have acknowledged the request.
  • Accompaniment - In addition to all units acknowledging the request, permission must be obtained from any configured agent or owner. The functionality is much like the "Appointment Required confirm with ALL" option. Notification to the buyer's agent, of their appointment requests status, will not be sent unless all occupants associated with the listing have provided acknowledgment of their appointment request & any agent or owner configured to be part of the process has confirmed the showing. Any agent or owner configured in this way will ultimately be the deciding factor. If an agent or owner has declined the overall request, signifying that they will not be able to accompany, then the appointment as a whole will be declined. This option should be used for agents and owners who want to be part of the confirmation process and will be there to accompany the showing.

Step 3

Add instructions to each Unit and the Main Listing.

Instructions provide access information and details for the buyer's agent. 

Read More for additional details.

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