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Can I Respond to the Text Messages Sent from ShowingTime?

In some markets, ShowingTime sends a message that cannot be responded to. This is known as a 1-way text/SMS. This message is informational.

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Confirmations to appointments can still be completed via phone calls or emails.

What About Other Markets?

2-way texting, allows you or your owners to respond to confirm or decline an appointment.

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Once the message is received, a response of Y or N can be sent. You will receive a response to your message.

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Texting other commands is not supported at this time.

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FAQ's About Texts from ShowingTime

Why Do You Send Text Messages from Different Numbers?

Texts come from different numbers for two reasons. The first is to minimize any impact from a number being incorrectly marked as spam. Once a carrier is notified that a number has been marked as spam by enough people it is often blocked.

The second is that changes and updates to an appointment can be traced back to a single number for clarity.

Can I Select Different Options for Requests and Confirmations?

Yes. You may choose to be sent an SMS when an appointment is requested but not if they are confirmed or canceled.

Can I Be Notified by Text About Other Events?

Yes. In your ShowingTime profile, you can select notification preferences for offers (in markets that have it), ShowingTime Messages, Broadcast Messages, and Live Connect messages.

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Can I Limit When I Recieve Messages?

Yes. You can prevent select to receive notifications all the time or only from 8 am-10 pm. This setting is in your ShowingTime Profile.

Do My Sellers/Buyers have Settings for Text Messages?

Yes. They can choose how they are notified about appointments and can also select if they only want to receive them between 8 am-10 pm or all the time. They can access their profile in Home by ShowingTime on the desktop or in their dedicated app.

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