Text-to-Voice Calls

ShowingTime's text-to-voice automated calling system - the first of its kind in the real estate industry - speeds up showing confirmations, so agents can get on with showings.

How It Works

The instant a showing has been confirmed, the showing agent gets a call with all the relevant details: 'Your showing request is confirmed. Lockbox is on the back door. Please leave your card on the table.'

Why An Automated Call?

Rather than waiting for an office's front desk to make confirmation calls (what if they get busy with other work and callbacks are delayed?), automated text-to-voice calls are triggered the instant a showing is confirmed.
  • Immediate
  • Clear
  • Accurate

No more waiting around; text-to-voice calls make everyone more efficient. It's included with all ShowingTime products, with several settings available to suit your style.

How can I enable ShowingVoice® on my listings?

In your profile, enable the call option

Thats it!

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